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set 20, 2017

This Brazilian firm is bringing innovation to efficiency

A little under a year ago, serial entrepreneur Wellington Moscon started talking with his wife, Priscila Santos Moscon, and a few other people they knew about an idea. In October 2016, the group started thinking about how to turn augmented reality platforms into an applicable workplace solution. By January 2017, they had a new start-up on their hands. By July this year, their platform had already won large international contracts.

GoEpik, it seems, has an exciting future ahead of it, recently placing first in the 100 Open Startups Brazil 2017 Rankings. Aimed at helping companies to reduce their costs and increase productivity, the augmented reality platform’s purpose is to facilitate technical training procedures. Designed to be used in industrial production lines, the tool can guide professionals through specific procedures from start to finish including set-up, installation and machine maintenance.

Additionally, GoEpik incorporates an element of gamification – an increasingly popular addition that makes new technologies more accessible. During training, GoEpik’s virtual reality simulates both routine occurrences and possible problems that could happen during the work day. It analyses employee responses throughout training, and determines if they are in need of further training by using algorithms.

Moscon estimates that by using GoEpik’s services, companies can save up to 10 million BRL per year, reducing unplanned costs and increasing competitiveness. The B2B model works like this: one element in a production line becomes worn and needs replacing. GoEpik’s technology sends a warning to the cell phone of the machine’s operator, way before the element is damaged – like when your car warns you that you need to check its engine. The operator can point their cell phone at the area in question, and using special glasses, can watch the repair and maintenance procedures that the machine needs.

That allows companies to anticipate repairs and avoid problems in production lines – the equipment’s maintenance will always be up to date. Also, instead of spending money changing entire structures, technicians can now see the specific problems of a machine.

Within its first six months in operation, GoEpik’s success was such that it had already generated R$200,000 in revenues, and expects to close 2017 with revenues of around R$1.2m. Its technology had been put to service by companies including Renault, Natura, Bosch and BR Foods, and the firm had tripled its number of employees by July. As it seeks to boost its number of international clients, Moscon will travel to Bogotá to present GoEpik this October as well as to Lisbon’s start-up conference Websummit in November, where GoEpik will be the sole representative of Brazilian start-up.

For Moscon, GoEpik embodies what he terms ‘Industry 4.0’. Being a start-up afford the firm more flexibility and more power to push for what Moscon sees as necessary modernization, which needs to take place across Brazilian industries. GoEpik is the first Brazilian firm to incorporate augmented reality platforms to maximise efficiency, but Moscon hopes that this will pave the way for others to follow suit.

This is not Moscon’s first venture. The IT graduate is the founder and co-owner of Eruga, another digital platform offering immersive training procedures. And with GoEpik set for a big future, it looks unlikely that he will stop any time soon.