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ago 11, 2017

The Brazilian cinema start-up with big ambitions

Asteroide.tv was one of the big winners at this year’s Cannes Lions festival, scooping a total of 18 awards. Among these, the firm won seven golds plus two of the festival’s most important titles, the Gran Prix de Oro and the Gran Prix de Titanium.

The start-up began in December 2010, founded by Diogo ‘Joe’ Ruiz and two associates. While a lot of other production companies simply execute client demands, Ruiz’s vision for Asteroide.tv was different.

“We always wanted to be a producer that involved itself in the creation and production of films,” he said. “We always sought out this involvement with the creative part of filmmaking from the beginning.”

It seems that the market was ripe for Ruiz’s ideas about how film production companies could work differently. The team had so much success operating in Brazil that by 2015, they decided that they wanted to go global. They set up an office in San Francisco, and today run operations in both the US and Brazil.

Their projects, too, have expanded. Now, Asteroide encompasses not just film but also animation and branded content. They’ve already worked with some big global names, from Cartoon Network, HSBC and Red Bull to Banco do Brasil and beverage giant Ambev. Film project The Refugee Nation, which saw directors partner with Amnesty International US to document the Refugee Olympic team in 2016, is among the firm’s most recent highlights.

The rave reviews for Asteroide keep piling up, as they become a more familiar producer for audiences. “People can tell that this is a film made by Asteroide because it has its own identity,” said Ruiz enthusiastically. Their approach has created a signature style for the start-up’s productions, earning them status and wider recognition. “We wanted to put our face on pieces that certainly would be better than something just created by one person. More heads thinking, more hands working, we would have better results,” said Ruiz.

Asteroide’s results-driven approach is another factor that drives the firm to work together with clients to produce their films. For Ruiz, although this approach wasn’t common in 2010, it’s one of the most significant factors of Asteroide’s success. “Seven years later, this collaborative question has almost become a rule.”

But Asteroide.tv is just getting started, transforming the cinema and film production interact with data and marketing. Its success at Cannes Lions demonstrates its potential to bring artistic, more creative influences to advertising. With an eclectic collection of directors on board, audiovisual works in English and Portuguese and a whole host of ideas combining data and creativity, the start-up is showing no signs of slowing down.

“We want to produce films using data and numbers that we can measure with audiences,” says Ruiz. “What we want for the future is to develop technology together with cinema to make not just creative productions, but creative productions with a basis in data.”

If the firm’s recent success is anything to go by, they’re likely to succeed in their mission. But for Ruiz, the most important thing is to inspire other companies to pursue international aspirations, like Asteroide did. “You’re already going to put in the effort, so think big,” Ruiz concludes.

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