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Punto e Filo ready to take the world by storm

Quality, innovation, technology, and flexibility.


Those are the values of Punto e Filo, a Brazilian tapestry company that, after three generations of developing the business in Brazil, is set to take its creations to the world.

In April 2017, the company dazzled the international design community with its unique and timeless designs during the 2017 Milan Design Week. The star piece of Punto e Filo’s exhibition was based on Inhotim, a unique Brazilian open-aired contemporary art museum.

Considered one of the world’s best museums by Trip Advisor, Inhotim takes an innovative curatorial approach by blending works of art with nature. Punto e Filo’s Inhotim tapestry also evokes that mix, presenting a hand-painted engraving inspired by Inhotim’s nature – which is an artwork in its own right.

The tapestry is a perfect example of how Punto e Filo unites tradition and technology. “Our products combine artisanal values with a large production scale,” explains Vivian Pisaneschi, the company’s executive director and partner.

While Punto e Filo works with synthetic fibers, it employs state-of-the-art technology to develop high-quality fibers that are durable, soft and resistant to bacteria. The finishing touches are all handmade.

“As we blend craftsmanship with a larger production scale, our tapestries serve two purposes: decoration and art,” says Pisaneschi. After the Design Week, Punto e Filo donated the tapestry to the Brazilian Embassy in Rome. The piece is currently displayed in the Concert Room, creating an interesting juxtaposition with the baroque décor of the traditional room.

Another example of Punto e Filo’s artistic designs will be on display at the Latin American Memorial in São Paulo. Destroyed by a fire in 2013, the Memorial’s auditorium will reopen in December 2017. And it will feature a 69x17m tapestry that was originally designed by the late Tomie Ohtake – one of Brazil’s most renowned artists.

More than 20 professionals are engaged in recreating the piece, as the original was destroyed in the fire. “The production of such a piece takes about 200 days,” says Vivian Pisaneschi. The Memorial’s tapestry occupies almost 800 square meters, but that scale doesn’t pose any problems. “Our technology allows us to produce tapestries of all sizes,” explains Pisaneschi.


Heading to exports

The 2017 Milan Design Week was Punto e Filo’s international debut. The company’s label was created in 2002, though Punto e Filo is the continuation of a family business created three generations ago. Before 2002, the company’s focus was on industry. Since then, it has shifted its production to original designs.

After fifteen years of building its reputation in Brazil, the company is ready to take the leap and take on the international design scene. Punto e Filo has already exported to Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, and the United States – and has bold plans for 2017’s second semester.

The company plans to export $200,000 per month over the first year, starting in August. In May 2018, the company will launch a new collection to international clients. “Our exclusive creations explore Brazilian imagery and values, and that’s what dazzles clients from all over the world,” says Vivian Pisaneschi.

All of the company’s designs were created by Alfredo Barbosa de Oliveira until March 2017, when he passed away. However, plenty of his creations have yet to be discovered. In 2018, the company will begin transitioning to a new head designer, although one thing remains certain – Alfredo’s genius will remain a strong influence for the company.