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jun 12, 2017

Meet Agrishow, Latin’s America’s largest agribusiness fair

Brazil is known worldwide for its dynamic and prolific agricultural industry. And the events hosted in the country only confirm that image. Every year in the city of Ribeirão Preto (about 315 kilometers from the state capital of São Paulo), Brazil hosts one of the world’s largest agribusiness fairs, Agrishow.
Over five days, the 2017 Agrishow fair has attracted more than 159,000 visitors. This year alone, it brought in over 2.2 billion Brazilian Reals in business deals. And that's 13% more than last year’s results, which were already impressive.
Chinese and Italian companies were among those who invested the most to close deals during the Agrishow. As the already strong Brazilian agribusiness is set for a record-setting harvest in the upcoming season, foreign countries are seeing Brazil as one of the world’s best markets. Over 2017’s first quarter, Brazil imported more than $8 billion in Chinese products.
To help close deals, the event had dozens of English and Mandarin translators on site at all times.
Brazil’s Minister of Agriculture, Blairo Maggi, the governor of São Paulo, Geraldo Alckmin, and the mayor of São Paulo, João Doria, were all present for the event, marking the 24th year of its existence. With their presence, the politicians also announced important changes in the agricultural sector, such as an additional 1.5 billion Reals in the budget for the upcoming Harvest Plan year, which closes in a few months.
“The harvest is good, the investments are there, so I think that we have a better scenario this year. The Agrishow characteristically brings cutting-edge technological solutions for every type of crop. We are more optimistic because of the quantity of booths, which grew by 5 percent,” says José Danhesi, one of the fair’s directors.
The 2017 Agrishow has brought together 800 different companies and brands from across Brazil and the world for demonstrations in the field, talks and debates, product stands, and more. Round tables set up by Brazil’s top banks also help visitors to invest directly in the field. The goal of the event isn’t simply to increase products and productivity, but also sustainability.
Among the innovations on display this year were the technologies allowing for the autonomy of the machines, which are capable of being monitored at a distance through Big Data technology and cloud computations. Agricultural machines saw an increase of 15 percent in profits compared to last year, and already made R$2.38 billion during the first trimester of 2017.
Moreover, the fair is also introducing equipment that reduces electric energy consumption. It transmits harvest data through geolocalization technology that is tailored specifically to enhance the precision of cultivation
Dozens of startups were present at the event, reflecting Brazil’s technological advances in the field. They exposed programs and apps to improve financial management in ranches, and facilitate the rental of agricultural machinery.