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jan 26, 2017
Creative Industries

Maria Pavan Brings Brazilian Knits To The Global Fashion Market

A Brazilian element, Mariana Pavan says, is what makes her knitted clothing brand stand out in the international market. 

Already sold in 25 clothing boutiques in 15 countries around the world, Maria Pavan brings a modern face to knits by incorporating Brazilian themes into the prints. 

From indigenous patterns to a Rio de Janeiro theme in honor of the Olympics, Pavan keeps the “brasilidade”, or “Brazilianness”, subtle. 

“We don’t just throw a big parrot onto the dress,” she laughs. 

Pavan’s mother Maria, after which the brand is named, started selling knits to Brazilian stores over 33 years ago. Pavan worked in the family business on the design and commerce side, and always dreamed of exporting. After completing her studies in International Relations in Florence, Italy, Pavan and her sister took over the family business and turned it into their own brand. 

When Pavan felt that the company was doing well enough in Brazil to be able to supply clients abroad, she contacted Texbrasil, an program promoting Brazilian exports specialized in the textile and fashion industry.

After visiting the factory and approving product samples, Texbrasil took Maria Pavan on for its Capsular Program (Programa Cápsula), which provided financial and design support for the brand’s first exports. The program provided essential design advice, such as elongating dress and skirt measurements for the international market. 

Pavan created a sample collection specifically designed for export with these alterations in mind, while throwing in a couple classic pieces that she felt truly represented the brand name. 

With Texbrasil’s help, Pavan participated in its first international fashion fair last September at the Who’s Next trade show in Paris. The Brazilian knits were a huge success, launching Pavan into contact with clothing buyers from around the world. 

Today, her products are sold to buyers in London, New York, the United Arab Emirates, and various Asian countries. Pavan alters the clothes according to each buyer, such as longer sleeves and skirts for the Emirati clients, or more daring styles for the fashion-forward boutiques in London.

At the time of our interview, Pavan had just finished moving into her new place in Amsterdam, from where she hopes to expand on her brand’s exportation while keeping business strong back in Brazil. 

“Our strategy is to maintain a balance between business in Brazil and internationally,” says Pavan, who aims to remain competitive regardless of the economic climate at home or abroad.