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mai 12, 2017

Company transports Brazilian grapetrees to China

The company DC Logistics Brasil will transport 10 Brazilian grapetrees from Antonina, Paraná to Shanghai, China for a specialized plant enterprise. Each tree measures about 6 meters each and will be transported via ship. Every tree must be transported in its own open container, called a flat rack.“This type of operation is not common in Brazil, nor in the world. The trees are being transported per the demand of a company specialized in plants,” said sales director Leandro Ribinski.

The operation will depart from the port terminal of Paranaguá, one of the largest in South America. The company received 365 million BRL in investments to complete the transfer, which should take about 37 days by sea. The boat has a storage capacity of 320,000 square meters and offers three mooring berths. The total length of the ship is 879 meters.

“This is a huge project, which will bring us the opportunity to contribute to the cultivation of Brazilian fruit trees in China,” says the company director, Guilherme Mafra. DC Logistics Brasil received two international awards last year from the World Cargo Alliance: one for best agent in the world, and one for best agent in Latin America.

The company adds these recognitions to another 14 international and 13 national awards from Infraero, the Brazilian Company of Infrastructure and Airports. DC Logistics boasts 10 offices in the country and 187 partnering companies.