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jan 31, 2018
Creative Industries

Brazil’s video gaming boom is featured in CNN series

Brazil is one of the fastest growing and most innovative markets in the world when it comes to video games, with new creators springing up and claiming global awards on an increasingly frequent basis. Video games is a gigantic global market, with Brazilian games now popping up amongst the world’s best indie games.

Of course, it’s hardly surprising that Brazilians take so naturally to video games – in an engaged, technology-obsessed culture with a notoriously vibrant creativity, gaming has skyrocketed within the country over the last 30 years. Game sales in Brazil are at an all-time high, after reaching a total of US $1.6 billion’s worth in sales during 2016. And the Brazilian industry itself is growing every year, by an astonishing 13 percent at a time. That’s a 600 percent increase since 2008 – and counting.

But it’s not just sales that are increasing. Brazil’s own creative video game industry is booming, as Brazilian gamer Diogo Braga and British video game blogger Kim Richards find out in Blogger to Blogger, a series produced by the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) and aired on CNN in 2017. The series, which promotes the opportunity for foreign bloggers to explore Brazil’s foremost industries in a cultural exchange, saw the pair meet some of the most influential figures in Brazil’s industry today.

Companies including Aquiris in Porto Alegre and Behold Studios in Brasília are among those enjoying the country’s newfound enjoyment in playing, as well as talent for creating, when it comes to the gaming industry. In the episode, the duo travel to Porto Alegre to meet Israel Mendes, Aquiris’s co-founder. “We have a large amount of talent here in Brazil and they come from [different industries such as] advertising and software,” he tells the pair.

And as games become more connected, gaming has become defined by more than just slick visuals and creative plot elements. Interactivity has become increasingly important, allowing gamers across the planet to transcend boundaries to compete and collaborate. More than half of all Brazilian games choose opponents all over the planet, using translation or dubbing to interact with other players. Increasing options to play on smartphones and tablets, too, have increased accessibility for many.

Ultimately, though, Brazilian gamers and creators are consistently coming out on top thanks to the demand for high-quality production, and their capacity to produce just that. Brazilian creators keep creativity, originality and artistry at the center of their products, as the bloggers find out in the episode.

“We believe games are art,” says Guilherme Mazzaro, producer at Behold Studios, says in the episode. Mazzaro’s studio is responsible for the game Knights of Pen & Paper game, which has soared to dizzying levels of popularity since its launch. “As long as you believe and have passion, you will find people who love games as well.”

As the industry’s growth ripples through Brazil, new opportunities are consistently appearing for new Brazilian developers and creators, bringing Brazilian video games – along with their hallmarks of quality and originality – to consumers across the planet. You can find out more in the full episode, which is available via the CNN website now.