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ago 31, 2017
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Brazilians performing at the Fiesta del Libro y la Cultura

Colombia’s premier literary and cultural festival, the Fiesta del Libro y la Cultura, kicks off on September 10 this year. With a wave of literary and performing arts taking place across Medellin for an entire week, the festival typically attracts some of the biggest names in the Colombian arts scene. But for this year for the first time, the festival has invited a foreign country to participate – choosing none other than Brazil to contribute to its cultural capital.

Some of Brazil’s most popular contemporary bands will join this year’s line-up at the festival, performing in one of the festival’s locales across the city. The event, which is growing increasingly popular, looks to provide a great platform for cultural exchange, with 420,000 visitors last year and an expected 700,000 this year.

Out of the staggering selection, the festival’s coordinators selected 69 participants from Brazil, including 49 singers and composers, plus instrumental groups from across the country. Groups were put forward by the Brazilian Music Exchange (BME), a partnership between Brazil Music & Arts (BM&A) and Apex-Brasil, the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency.

"We received a lot of compliments from the curatorship, who had difficulty making the choice given to the quality of the subscribers, who represent Brazilian music very well," said BME manager Leandro Ribeiro.

Liniker and the Caramelows, already an international name, are one of the chosen groups. Having already performed at festivals like South by Southwest, Primavera Sound and SummerStage, the group will now bring their unique combination of contemporary black Brazilian music and dance music to the Colombian stage.

Meanwhile, contemporary jazz group Dani and Débora Gurgel Quarteto also represents the São Paulo arts scene. Led by a mother, Débora, and a daughter, Dani, the group is famous for their constant improvisation and intricate blend of elaborate rhythms and harmonies, mixing the new with the traditional. Dani is a former student of Clam, a samba school created by the legendary group Zimbo Trio.

Dona Onete is another international name set to perform at the festival. Hailing from Pará, Dona Onete is renowned for her tropical interpretations of carimbó. Her first album sold more than 1,000 copies in a week in London, and her second received rave reviews. Larissa Luz will also perform, bringing a pulsing union of Afrobrazilian rhythms like samba, ijexá and reggae with rap, rock, dubstep and trap.

Muntchako and Yangos will represent Brazil’s instrumental scene at the festival, with the former mixing guitar with electronic beats, synthesisers and guitars. Yangos, on the other hand, has spent the last decade experimenting with piano, accordion, guitar and percussion, and brings a unique blend of zamba, rasguido, milonga, and tango with chacarera and chamamé.

Shows will take place in Medellin’s exotic Jardim Botânico, the Parque Explora and Parque de Los Deseos between September 10 and 17, during the Fiesta del Libro y la Cultura. Brazil’s presence at the festival is with the support if the Brazilian Embassy in Colombia.