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jan 20, 2017
Creative Industries

Brazilian women’s fashion takes Miami by storm

“Bossa Concept” is Miami’s first clothing boutique entirely dedicated to Brazilian women’s fashion. Located in fashion-forward South Beach and covering 1,300 square feet of loft space, the store opened in November and features 28 Brazilian designers.


Bossa’s founder, Alessandra Cavalcante, is a native of Belém, Pará, located in the Brazilian Amazon. Cavalcante often pairs Brazilian-designed dresses with shoes and jewelry also hailing from her homeland, and claimed to the American press that “there's nothing like it” in the U.S. According to Cavalcante, Brazilian designer clothing undergoes a different manufacturing process, emphasizing the benefits of its small-scale production for greater details and particularity.


Indeed, Brazil’s bold designs are catching many an American eye lately. One of the brands featured in Bossa Concept’s boutique is GIG Couture, whose eye-catching color combinations and patterns were used by Beyoncé in her “Sorry" music video. Cavalcante says that each piece is knitted on a manual machine, taking between 8 and 12 hours to complete.


Other brands which Bossa Concept features are Isabela Capeto’s funky multimedia designs, Isolda’s colorful tropical prints, and Adriana Degreas, which opened its own casual wear and swimwear boutique in Miami in 2015.


Brazilian-made accessories are also well-represented in Bossa Concept’s collection. Rio de Janeiro WAIWAI features handily-crafted, rainbow-colored straw bags, while Marcela B. brings Miamians ostentatious shoe designs. As for jewelry, Bossa’s got established designers like Jack Vartanian’s orchid rings and Ju Gastin’s shell jewelry reminiscent of Brazil’s colonial slave past.


Cavalcante, herself a former model, likes to bring a Brazilian touch to the boutique beyond just the clothes. The boutique features Brazilian-made furniture and even a bar in the back for those who want to freshen up with a caipirinha. And Bossa Concept isn’t just about featuring other designers, Cavalcante herself will soon launch her own line of original designs: Bossa Collection.