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jan 13, 2017
Innovation and technology

Brazilian Plastic Surgeons At Forefront of Global Industry

Nearly 320,000 buttocks around the world underwent plastic surgery last year, up 30% from 2014. These numbers follow the general increase in plastic surgery across the world, and butt procedures continue to be among the industry’s fastest-growing. These are primarily lift procedures, invented by world-renowned Brazilian plastic surgeon Ivo Pitanguy, who passed away in 2016 following his participation in the Olympic torch ceremony in Rio.


In 2013, Brazil ranked first in the world for the number of plastic surgeries performed, increasing by half a million surgeries in one year. According to the International Society of Aesthetic and Cosmetic Surgery (ISAPS), Brazil registered 1.22 million surgical procedures last year. Although that number is about 120,000 less than the year prior, Brazil is still second only to the U.S. in number of surgeries performed each year by about 190,000.


At its peak, plastic surgeries performed in Brazil ultimately made up around 13 percent of the global total. Other countries at the top of the list were Mexico, Germany, and Spain, although they all trailed far behind Brazil and the U.S.


Brazil’s favorite procedures are liposuction and silicone breast implants, with 182,765 and 158,950 surgeries performed respectively in 2015. The United States, on the other hand, showed a preference for botox.


Brazilian teenagers make up a large portion of those undergoing plastic surgery. In 2013, Brazil saw a spurt in its teenage patients, which more than doubled from the previous year. During winter months – when school is out – teen surgeries go up about 60 percent.


While some doctors advise patients to wait until after puberty to get surgery, José Horácio Aboudib, the president of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery (SBCP), states that a patient’s age isn’t as important as his or her physical evolution, or maturity.


Men are also having plastic surgery at increasing rates across the board, mainly for pectoral implants or breast reductions. In Brazil, 26,400 men had their breasts reduced in 2015 alone.


With the recent rise of celebrity butts, like those of Kim Kardashian, women around the globe are buying into the Brazil’s famous lift procedure. Brazil, however, was far ahead of its time, having famous derrieres on the scene since the 1970s.