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mar 20, 2017

Brazilian industries get a boost with CNN series

A series of campaigns uniting bloggers from Brazil with specialist bloggers around the world is bringing awareness about Brazil abroad.

The B2B (Blogger to Blogger) initiative, produced by the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil), highlights some of Brazil’s foremost consumer industries with a footing on the world stage, such as coffee, fashion, gaming and meat.

In the videos, a blogger from another continent visits a Brazilian blogger who works with the same topic. Through the visiting blogger, international audiences can gain an understanding of Brazil’s vibrant offerings across diverse sectors.

After the first season’s success, the newest episodes in the second season were hotly anticipated. The first season, which aired on the CNN international network, had high levels of interaction and impact. More than 1 million interacted with the campaign.

Producers are hoping that the second season will build on this success, bringing in  names from across the world. In the new episodes, bloggers from across the planet will visit their Brazilian counterparts to learn about Brazil’s Cachaça, chocolate, art contemporary audiovisual and the design in the home and construction industry.. In their journeys, they end up discovering unique elements of Brazilian culture and production along the way.

The differential of the initiative is that it simultaneously reaches viewers of the TV network and the public of social media, who follows relevant influencers within several sectors. This happens because the content of the series is based on meetings between foreign and Brazilian bloggers/influencers who travel around Brazil together to know companies, products, services, news and trends.

For Brazilian industries, the spotlight is an added bonus. As well as being able to see their place within the Brazilian industry, they can see how they fit with international trends. Meanwhile, the world is able to see Brazil’s unique contributions to certain industries, generating more interest for businesses in these sectors. Both viewers and producers alike are able to see Brazilian innovation and diversity in production, as well as Brazilian industries’ sustainability and emphasis on quality.

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