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abr 11, 2017

Brazilian dentist launches line of non-chemical products

One Brazilian dentist decided that healthy mouths could also benefit from ethical, non-chemical products. Dr. Bruno Sharp launched his brand of 100% natural products in 2005, which entered into the expansive U.S. market just last year. Dr. Sharp’s products include toothpaste, mouthwash, and floss that are completely free of any fluoride, gluten, or other chemicals that could cause damage to one’s health or the environment. Furthermore, none of his products are tested on animals.

The Brazilian dentist first created his brand, Dr. Sharp, in order to offer his patients quality dental health products. However, the products became so popular that they are now even sold in nationwide American stores and supermarkets including Target, Safeway, Whole Foods, and others. Meanwhile, Dr. Sharp’s products have also started selling in Chile, Paraguay, Mexico, Canada, Dubai, and the U.K. And as for Brazil, the products are expected to start selling on the national market this year. 

Dr. Sharp is the fourth generation of dentists in his family. The 54-year-old dentist and entrepreneur from Rio de Janeiro learned the trade from his grandfather and father while hanging around the office as a child. Both studied their post-graduate studies in the United States before returning to Brazil to open their dentistry practices.

After Dr. Sharp’s parents died in a tragic car accident, he decided to follow in his father and grandfather’s footsteps to pursue studies in the U.S. Because his family’s practice back in Brazil had been sold, he had no reason to return. Thus, Dr. Sharp decided to validate his dental license in the U.S. and pursue a Master’s degree at the University of Florida in Gainesville. His sister lived nearby in Miami with her family. 

After completing his studies, Dr. Sharp opened his dentistry office in Miami in 1999, where it still operates today. The dental office employs eight professionals with specializations ranging from surgery to prosthetics. Of the 2,500 patients received by Dr. Sharp’s Dentistry every year, many require oral reconstruction due to other surgeries or health incidents.

Today, Dr. Sharp attends to the high society of Miami. In addition to his Brazilian clientele, Dr. Sharp is trusted with the teeth of Miami’s actors who come from all over the world.

“My father and grandfather believed that the secret to success was to have a lot of charisma with the patients. I think I inherited this from them, these teachings and the force of will. The important thing is to do your work well and to do it with joy, and you will be very successful,” says Dr. Sharp. 

Now, because of Dr. Sharp’s passion for his work in dental hygiene, many around the world will benefit from his natural products.