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dez 20, 2017
Creative Industries

Brazilian dazzles the world with furniture only for pets

With over 50 million dogs and 22 million cats, Brazil’s market for pets is on a skyward trajectory. With sales to reach over 19 billion Brazilian Reals in 2017 alone (a 7% rise when compared to 2016), a variety of pet startups are flourishing in Brazil. One of them, Beijo de Focinho, has a very unique approach, creating furniture and layettes exclusively for pets.

It is not news that many pets are treated like family members – and Beijo de Focinho takes it one step further. The company, founded earlier this year by the designer Silvia Grilli and the marketer Sandra Martins, creates luxury furniture for these “four-legged children,” as they call the pets, and integrates the space of the pet into the house’s décor.

While some furniture companies might have a project or two designed with pets in mind, Beijo de Focinho is the only company of its kind – exclusively dedicated to the pet market. “We design pieces of furniture that won’t clash with the rest of the house’s décor. As many families have pets as ‘children’, we want our clients to be able to provide a cozy, elegant space for their animals,” Silvia Grilli told BeBrasil.

So far, the Brazilian duo produces an average of 15 decoration projects per month, with bold plans to expand in 2018. Their company, however, has attracted the attention of international clients, mainly from the United States, France, and Japan. The main challenges are shipping costs, but that hurdle should be easily overcome for the company as their business gains yet more traction abroad. Beijo de Focinho has both the capacity to produce on demand, artisanal pieces and to produce in an industrial scale.

Over the first few months of operation, Beijo de Focinho has worked closely with architects. “It’s a way to create the best atmosphere for your ‘four-legged kid’ while respecting the harmony of your house’s style. We produce real decoration items for clients who value quality and design,” comments Grilli. So far, the company has used social media to boost its brand awareness and find new customers. But as their successes grow, the firm’s founders are preparing to launch their own marketplace soon.

One of the beds for dogs developed by Beijo de Focinho was assembled in a ‘fab lab’, spaces for innovation where people build their new products in a collaborative way. Fab labs are present all over Brazil and are based on the principles of community and sharing. In order to get the ‘fab lab’ label, a space must be opened to anyone for free (at least once a week) and share tools and processes with everyone.

Beijo de Focinho’s innovative venture has already had a side effect: the company’s design was copied by international competitors. But the entrepreneurs take that as a tribute to the quality of their work. And to remain ahead of less innovative competitors, Grilli – the company’s head designer – plans on developing new lines for different styles.

For Beijo de Focinho, the possibilities are endless.