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mai 17, 2017

Brazilian company presents innovative bulletproof protection

The Brazilian company BCA Ballistic Protection is coming up with unprecedented, high-performance bulletproof materials that will transform protective travel across terrain, sea, and air. BCA presented their newest inventions at the LAAD Defense and & Security event, held between April 4 and 7 at the RioCentro.

The company showed off their innovative technology at the event with a BMW that received multiple shots across its doors and windows. BCA is an official partner of the German car company, and provides bulletproof coverage for all cars that leave its factory.  Also on display were videos demonstrating the resistance of BCA’s products to bullets, which are still in great condition even after the first five years of guarantee.

One of the most remarkable inventions presented by BCA at the event is the Neoflex Tape, which is the only bulletproof adhesive in the world. Its national and international patent belongs solely to BCA. This technology is the only bulletproof protection that molds and sticks instantly to any surface, guaranteeing optimal use while minimizing possible errors in the process of application. 

Such technological innovation creates a unique and exclusive product that is both easy to apply and simple to delaminate. Not only are they 30 percent stronger than the bulletproof materials already found on the market, but BCA’s product is also 25 percent lighter.

Another notable BCA product is the Neoflex Panther, offered in both Gold and Titanium versions, which provides six or seven layers of bulletproof protection. Due to its high technology, this product is also extremely flexible and moldable to any surface.  Moreover, this line also goes through an anti-fungus and waterproof process. The material is UVA protected as well, and can be used for any type of protection - be it for cars, vehicles, boats, helicopters, or airplanes.

BCA’s Neoflex product can be cut by computer to meet international car factory standards, allowing for a seamless addition of the product to the vehicle during production. Furthermore, the company offers a digital inspection and certification of each product. Anyone using it can ask for a digital assessment, as well as for further counsel and employee training for the professionals that will be applying the product. 

In addition to protection for vehicles, BCA also offers bulletproof shields for personal protection. At the April event, the company presented its Neoflex Plate technology, which was used by the Brazilian military police during the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Rio Olympics. The bulletproof plates are rigid in body form, used in protective vests to guarantee the bodily safety of those wearing them. The plates can resist bullets from all ranges of firearms, even rifles. The plates guarantee both safety and comfort, as they are extremely light and already molded to the body’s shape.

BCA has been creating bulletproof technologies for 26 years, and is headquartered in São José dos Campos in the state of São Paulo.