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fev 23, 2018
Innovation and technology

Brazilian agritech startup chosen among world’s 15 best

São Paulo-based agritech company InCeres was chosen as being among the top 15 startups in the world at the 2017 edition of the Agro Innovation Lab acceleration program, in Munich, Germany.

InCeres began life in the city of Piracicaba and is part of the Vale do Piracicaba – AgriTech Valley ecosystem, one of Brazil's most innovative tech hubs geared towards agriculture. The startup develops software for precision agriculture, aiming to make traditional farming management faster and easier, in order to develop and stimulate Brazilian agriculture.

Its products are promised to process data up to 10 times faster than the competition, and users can easily share data in real time. Among its clients are Senar/MT (the National Service of Rural Apprenticeship), and small and medium-sized producers like Bela Agrícola, Coplacana-Afocapi and Agropazinato.

Agro Innovation Lab is a German platform created by two of the leading names in the agriculture industry, BayWa and RWA. Its acceleration program offers innovative startups access to an unparalleled network and resources, as well as extensive agricultural and entrepreneurial knowhow.

Around 350 startups took part in the initial phase of the acceleration program, passing through four stages of competition until reaching the final selection. InCeres finished in 15th place, a superb result considering it was the São Paulo-based startup’s first ever competition.

"It's really important to be recognized within the market for what we are building here in the company," said Leonardo Menegatti, CEO of InCeres, in an interview to SEGS. "It shows that the solution proposed by InCeres is adaptable to any reality and can solve problems on a global scale."

Last year, InCeres also took part in the Brazilian stage of the Startup World Cup, an annual event organized by Fenox Venture Capital which is dedicated to launching the world’s most innovative startups. Yearly winners of the Startup World Cup receive a prize of USD 1 million in funding. InCeres finished among the top 11 startups in Brazil.

"Being a part of this event was an amazing learning experience, and regardless of the results we were able to absorb new experiences which aggrandize our proposal," said Menegatti.

The competition included startups from several different segments of industry, an experience which served InCeres well for the future. “When we step outside of the agritech universe and compete with startups from niches such as logistics, medicine and fintech, we are evaluated in accordance with the coherence of our model," Menegatti explained. "So, achieving this result was an upgrade in this victorious moment for us.