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mar 20, 2017

Brazil Uses International Bloggers to Improve the Country's Image on CNN

The programs, which start airing on the international network on March 16, explore the subjects of fashion, coffee, games and meat products 
This week, the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) will kick off the first major action in the Be Brasil campaign, which aims to improve Brazil's image as a business partner.  The TV series B2B (Blogger to Blogger) premieres on CNN International this Tuesday, March 16, in a number of countries the agency considers priorities. 

This first run of the series, produced by Cinegroup, will consist of four 15-minute programs in which viewers will watch a meeting between two bloggers, one Brazilian and one foreign, who will cover the fashion, coffee, games and meat industries. Each pair engages in a number of activities to introduce the international bloggers to Brazilian entrepreneurs, products, services, innovations and trends.

"We made these videos to emphasize aspects of Brazilian products such as creativity, innovation and sustainability. These are traits associated with the Be Brasil campaign, which we launched during the 2016 Olympic Games," comments Carlos Villanova, Manager of Communications and Marketing for Apex-Brasil. Each case was based on companies that are already exporters working with the Agency. The format of the series was designed to highlight the attributes of Brazilian products for two audiences: CNN's viewers and the bloggers' readers, all of whom have a strong presence on social media.

For example, Silvia Garcia, the Spanish blogger who was invited to participate in the fashion episode that launches the series, is one of the 13 most influential bloggers in her home country and boasts 360,000 followers on Instagram. Silvia was hosted by her Brazilian colleague Mariah Bernardes. For the episode on meat products, our guests were André Dias (Brazil) and Klaus Glaetzner (Germany). The gaming episode brought together Diogo Braga (Brazil) and Kim Richards (UK); and, for the chapter on coffee, Hugo Rocco (Brazil) and Ryoko Iwata (Japan).

In addition to airing on television, the program will be available on the CNN portal, along with additional materials about the sectors targeted by each episode, including articles and charts. 
The series premiere can be watched at the following links: http://advertisementfeature.cnn.com/2017/apex/ 

About Be Brasil
The idea behind Be Brasil is to promote Brazil's image as an attractive and reliable country in the business world with a narrative supported by the determination and creativity of the Brazilian people, as well as the quality, innovation and sustainability of our products and services. We want the whole world to increasingly recognize these traits about Brazil. 

About Apex-Brasil
The Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) promotes Brazilian products and services abroad and attracts foreign investments to strategic sectors of the Brazilian economy. The Agency supports approximately 11,000 companies in 80 sectors, which in turn export to over 200 markets. Apex-Brasil also plays an essential role in attracting foreign direct investments to Brazil by working to identify business opportunities, promoting strategic events and supporting foreign investors who are interested in investing in Brazil.