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fev 21, 2018
Creative Industries

Brazil launches its first Eco Fashion Week in São Paulo

With the constant growth of Brazil’s fashion industry, there has been an increasing demand for more sustainable methods of producing and consuming fashion in the country. In light of this scenario, two Brazilian entrepreneurs from the innovative Fashion Revolution movement created the country’s very first event dedicated to sustainable fashion – the Brasil Eco Fashion Week, which was held between November 22 and 24 at the Unibes Cultural center in São Paulo.

With 30 different events held over the space of three days, including lectures, talks, exhibitions and workshops, all free to the public, the inaugural Brasil Eco Fashion Week was a great success, opening the eyes of those in attendance to the benefits and possibilities of sustainable fashion.

The event’s showroom comprised 40 different brands of fashion and accessories, offering visitors the opportunity to speak directly with the creators and learn about different manufacturing processes and organic materials.

On the final day of the event, 13 different brands took part in the Eco Fashion Week fashion show, parading innovative and stylish pieces made with sustainable materials and by environmentally conscious processes. Among the participating brands were Comas, Jouer Couture, Envido, Aurora and Francesca Cordova.

Some of the most discussed concepts at the first Brasil Eco Fashion Week were those of slow fashion and upcycling. The former is a movement first coined by the Center for Sustainable Fashion which seeks to slow down the production and consumption of fashion, preferring quality production and environmental consciousness to the traditional “fast fashion" model of cheap, seasonal trends.

Upcycling is an idea not necessarily tied only to fashion, and concerns the creative reuse of unwanted products into those which are of better quality or of more value to the environment. In the example of fashion, this means repurposing old clothes or waste materials into new pieces.

In an interview with Elle Magazine, one of the creators of Brasil Eco Fashion Week, Fernanda Simon, explained that the demand for an event of sustainable fashion has always existed in Brazil. “Lots of people sought me out to find brands which were concerned with sustainability," she said. “We thought about starting a fashion show, but soon this grew into an entire event, which could involve the presentation of these brands, a space for people to buy their pieces, as well as workshops and lectures to raise awareness."

“We want to prove that, in fact, fashion can be good and fair at the same time,” she added.