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ago 10, 2017

Brazil has the one of the world’s highest headcounts of inventors

With approximately 4,000 inventors across the country, creativity and innovation appear to be almost much a Brazilian staple as rice and beans. Brazil, it seems, is a nation of problem-solvers, just as capable of overcoming obstacles as celebrating its successes.

“The Brazilian is one of the world’s most creative people,” said Carlos Mazzi, director of the National Association of Inventors (ANI). For Mazzi, inventing is less about academia and research, and more commonly driven by pragmatism and common sense.

“We have a people who invent out of necessity, who are significantly adding to the number of inventors looking to register their products and bring them forwards,” he said.

And after a quarter of a century in existence, the ANI has become a well-known resource as well as a formidable institution. It acts as a network supporting thousands of Brazilian inventors, helping them to patent, trademark and export their inventions.

“We help the inventor register their ideas, and we also bring these innovations to industries,” said Mazzi. According to the director, the ANI plays a vital role in sale and licensing for innovators in Brazil. “We’ve also advised people who have ideas for the internet and for applications, with a start-up approach,” he added.

Rio de Janeiro, in particular, appears to be a fertile landscape for breeding inventors. The sun-kissed state is commonly known by foreigners for its beaches and its rich heritage. However, it’s also home to approximately 400 inventors – ten percent of Brazil’s overall count. It’s followed by the southern borderland state, Rio Grande do Sul, also home to a huge number of inventors.

Mazzi, despite believing that Brazilians invent out of necessity, doesn’t believe that the number of inventors in different Brazilian states indicates local failures to provide means for residents. On the contrary, he says, it’s because these urban centers provide networks that help incubate ideas and inventors alike.

“In Rio de Janeiro, there’s the INPI office – the National Institute of Industrial Ownership,” he said. “For this reason, the inventors from the region – who know this – go directly to the body to register their ideas.”

Rio’s inventors are responsible for a range of ideas, from tools to use every day at home to vehicle parts, cell phone apps and more. Among inventors based in Rio alone, there’s everything from a BioSmartCard, an electronic validator to pay for a credit card, to a medical communications device.

Nor does Mazzi believe that Brazilian inventors are going to slow down any time soon. “Business owners are realising that the technology in the hands of inventors can solve many commercial problems for their companies,” he said. “In times of crisis, technological innovation is the best path for prosperity.”

And when it comes to Brazilian invention and innovation, children's shoes are also on the list. In the city of Birigui, in the interior of São Paulo, a factory produces about 20,000 pairs per day, products that bring functionality, fun and beauty to children in Brazil and in several other countries where the company exports to. The result of Kidy Calçados' work shows how much Brazilian innovation goes hand in hand with creativity and offering solutions.

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