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mar 09, 2018
Food and Beverages

Apex-Brasil to take part in aquaculture event in the USA

On March 11, the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) will participate in one of the world’s leading seafood trade events, Seafood Expo North America, in Boston, Massachusetts. Thousands of industry professionals and suppliers will be in attendance and with the support of Apex-Brasil, 16 Brazilian companies will showcase their work at the three-day event.

With over 22,600 seafood professionals taking part in last year’s Expo, the event is a superb chance for companies to network and grow their business in the North American seafood market. The United States is the largest importer of Brazilian fish and seafood. Last year’s event generated an estimated US$ 194 million in trade for the Brazilian companies in attendance, while this year the goal is to increase that figure to above US$ 200 million.

Over 1,850 companies will have exhibits during this year’s event, showing off their newest products, equipment and services, while there will also be a vast events schedule with leading names in the industry holding conferences and demonstrations, including Brazilian Márcio Castro de Souza, the senior fishery officer of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. He will take part in a panel on fighting Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing.

Brazil’s fish farming industry is on the rise, expecting to see a 7 to 10% increase on production for last year, while the sector is worth around 4.3 billion BRL per year and generates 1 million jobs in the country.

Apex-Brasil is striving to grow the market share of Brazilian fish and seafood abroad, and Manager for Agribusiness Igor Brandão sees Seafood Expo North America as an ideal opportunity to do so. "We have a competitive product and the US market is already our biggest buyer,” he said. "We believe we can strengthen our position in the market, in addition to inducing domestic interest and training in this industry, aiming at their internationalization process."

The Brazilian fishing industry is growing year on year, with the states of Paraná, Rondônia and São Paulo leading the way within the country. The southern and northern regions of Brazil have seen continuous growth in production.

Farming in the south and south-east is based largely on tilapia and lobster (the former accounting for over half of the fish farmed in the country), while in the north, as is the example of the state of Rondônia, native and exotic fish species such as tambaqui, pirarucu and tambacu are also important.