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The idea behind Be Brasil is to promote the image of Brazil as an attractive and reliable country in the world of business through a narrative supported by the determination and creativity of the Brazilian people and the quality, innovation and sustainability of our products and services.

Brazil knows the importance of being sustainable and how to make it happen. Being sustainable means improving production processes today for a better future. It means developing responsible companies and leaders. For Brazil, sustainable is the only way to be, in the present and in the future.

Brazil's creative industry is diverse, competitive, and recognized around the world. Visual, audiovisual and street art, design, music, fashion, literature, and publicity; our cultural productions are no longer seen as foreign and just for Brazil, they are contemporary, high-tech, creative and global.

Innovation is the essence of Brazil, a young and inquisitive country that breaks away from the norm and is shaping its own future with determination and state of the art technology. Deepwater oil exploration, aviation, robotics in precision agriculture; the world is increasingly recognizing Brazil's strengths and making way for Brazilian products. The country is ready to go farther, investing in innovation and establishing the foundations for a high-tech future that is even more sustainable.

Brazil is a leader in agricultural production and clean, renewable energy, and is determined to expand its production frontiers by creating business opportunities in other fields. Determination is how Brazil came to be first on the global entrepreneurship index and what drives the country to produce and grow even more.

We want the whole world to increasingly recognize this about Brazil. Let's join forces to make the world see that Brazil can be a great business partner.